About Tenable

Tenable’s goal is to arm every organization with the visibility and insight to answer four critical questions at all times: Where are we exposed? Where should we prioritize based on risk? Are we reducing our exposure over time? How do we compare to our peers? Tenable is the Cyber Exposure Company.

Tenable, CIS 20 and other control frameworks

CIS20 provides a prioritized set of actions to protect your organization and data from known cyberattack vectors. GBQ Technology selects products aligned with CIS20 controls to provide a foundation for basic security posture as well as a foundation for other control frameworks and regulatory authorities.

The CIS Controls are a relatively short list of high-priority, highly effective defensive actions that provide a “must-do, do-first” starting point for every enterprise seeking to improve their cyber defense. GBQ Technology works with Tenable’s entire product line to meet the following CIS20 controls:

  • CIS 3 Secure Configurations for Hardware and Software on Mobile Devices, Laptops, Workstations, and Servers
  • CIS 5 Controlled use of Administrative Privileges
  • CIS 9 Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols, and Services
  • CIS 20 Penetration Tests and Red Team Exercises

Tenable Products

  • Nessus Professional
  • Tenable Security Center
  • tenable.io

Not sure where to start?

All it takes is a conversation to get started. Not sure what to ask or where to begin? Don’t worry. We can talk through all of that with you, too.